What are Alligator Cracks?

Alligator Cracks are interconnected cracks forming a series of small blocks of asphalt resembling alligator skin or chicken-wire, and caused by excessive deflection of the surface over unstable sub-grade or lower courses of the pavement.

Is R/R Necessary?

A general rule in regards to whether or not you need to R/R (Remove and Replace) asphalt that has for example developed alligator cracking, is that if the alligator cracking has created sections of asphalt smaller than the palm of your hand, then it may be best to completely remove and replace that effected area of asphalt. Another option may be to grind the damaged pavement down and add a Fabric Interlayer, such as Petromat, with 1.5" of hot asphalt on top. These appropriate repairs are better able to fight against reflective cracking and last longer than solely adding an inch of hot asphalt. Count on United Paving to assess the deterioration of your asphalt and explain which treatments should perform the best.

Are there any short term remedies to sell a property?

Perhaps you're not worried about a long-term asphalt plan at a property because you're looking to sell it. Your United Paving team can properly repair your pavement to protect you against trip-hazard liabilities and refresh it's aesthetic beauty to entice buyers.

What are some Asphalt Repair Options, Their Cost, and Life Expectancy?

There are a wide variety of asphalt repair options from a simple crack-fill to extensive removal and replacement (R/R). While there are many variables that effect the cost of each project (like sub-grade issues, location of dump site, and size of project), here is a general price comparison chart for four common asphalt treatment options.

Asphalt Treatment Cost Comparisons

Ask your United Paving representative to help you learn which repairs are preferred for your asphalt concerns and what is their expected lifespan.

Asphalt Thickness Recommendations

To give you an idea of asphalt thickness recommendations, we've listed them in simple terms below. These are recommended asphalt sections. Thickness recommendations may change in accordance with published soils report.

  • Light Traffic / Parking Stalls / Lots
    • 3" Asphalt Surface
    • 4" Aggregate Base
  • Main Drive / Aisles
    • 4" Asphalt Surface
    • 6" Aggregate Base
    • Roads and Streets
    • 6" Asphalt Surface
    • 8" Aggregate Base
  • Parkways/Highways
    • 8" Asphalt Surface
    • 12" Aggregate Base

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